We have too much to say about us. We have done our best to keep things simple. If you don't have time to read through our user guide, simply try us out. Tell us what you like about us and what we can do better. From the bot, say 'feedback'.

  • Deploy standard or custom security assessments and templates.
    • You can use our existing templates for PCI-DSS, FedRamp, NIST and many more.
    • You can download, customize and build your own security assessment templates.
    • You can configure default checklists, notes, weights and priority.
    • Assign controls and checklists for one or more users.
    • We have an interesting concept of a multi-party assignment. Check it out.

  • Manage risk data and control evidence in a single pane of glass.
    • Collect risk data and evidence. We separate the evidence data from the metadata (for example, sort order). This allows us to do some pretty cool things such as linking and associating multiple evidence records.
    • Assign evidence to one or more users.
    • Version control risk data.
  • Nested, weighted average score of your security controls.
  • Standard and custom reports. For example, you can report on your PCI-DSS in the ROC format out of the box.
Command Description
help Takes the user to the main menu.
login Logs the user in.
logout Logs the user out.
whoami Displays the details of the user that is logged in.
feedback For the user to provide feedback on the ComplianceCow product.

In case you have already added our app from the Slack App Store, please open your workspace in Slack and look for ComplianceCow App. Type "Help" to begin. In case you have not added the app yet to your workspace, please click on the button below. For any support, please feel free to contact us here.